INA Bearing

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Brand Model Size
INA 1004 20x45x23
INA 1007 35x72x37
INA 1009 45x95x47
INA 1025 125x270x130
INA 10XS18 27.038x47.63x12.7
INA 10Y03 26.18x41.656x16.002
INA 10Y25 24.4x38.1x15.875
INA 16006AH04 32x55x9
INA 1908 30x64x32
INA 1912 50x90x42.5
INA 195X02 495.3x584.2x50.8
INA 195X03 495.3x584.2x57.15
INA 2001 23.813x38.1x12.7
INA 2002 12.7x19.05x11.113
INA 2003 10.319x19.05x6.35
INA 2004 6.35x15.875x11.113
INA 2005 19.05x31.75x14.288
INA 2006 15.875x25.4x12.7
INA 2007 20.638x31.75x12.7
INA 2008 25.4x38.1x15.875
INA 2009 19.05x31.75x11.113
INA 201-NPP-B 12x32x10
INA 2010 25.4x44.45x14.288
INA 2011 22.225x34.925x14.288
INA 202-KRR 15x35x14.4
INA 2023 50.8x88.9x41.275
INA 2024 28.575x47.625x14.288
INA 203-KRR 17x40x18.3
INA 203-KRR-AH02 16.2x40x18.3
INA 203-KRR-AH05 13x40x18.3
INA 203-NPP-B 17x40x12
INA 204-KRR 20x47x17.7
INA 204-NPP-B 20x47x14
INA 2041 42.863x60.325x14.288
INA 2043 15.875x31.75x14.288
INA 2044 7.938x17.145x7.144
INA 205-KRR 25x52x21
INA 205-NPP-B 25x52x15
INA 206-KRR 30x62x24
INA 206-NPP-B 30x62x16
INA 2063 11.113x23.8x12.7
INA 207-KRR-AH03 35x72x25
INA 207-NPP-B 35x72x17
INA 208-KRR 40x80x27
INA 208-KRR-AH04 38.892x80x27.5
INA 208-NPP-B 40x80x18
INA 2085 11.113x22.225x6.35
INA 2087 25.4x41.275x14.288
INA 209-KRR 45x85x30
INA 209-NPP-B 45x85x19
INA 2092 36.513x82.55x33.338
INA 2096 31.75x50.8x20.638
INA 2097 12.7x22.225x14.288
INA 210-KRR 50x90x30
INA 210-NPP-B 50x90x20
INA 211-KRR 55x100x36
INA 212-KRR 60x110x36
INA 2132 15.875x28.575x14.288
INA 2209 26.988x42.85x15.875
INA 2278 95.25x128.549x32.544
INA 2279 82.55x114.262x28.575
INA 2280 50.8x82.55x20.638
INA 2281 63.5x93.662x23.813
INA 2282 41.275x60.477x16.662
INA 2283 30.163x49.212x13.494
INA 2284 117.475x152.32x38.1
INA 2458 12.7x26.975x7.925
INA 2900 10x26x12
INA 2901 12x28x12
INA 2902 15x31x12
INA 2903 18x35x12
INA 2904 20x37x12
INA 2904-1/2 22x42x14
INA 2905 25x45x14
INA 2906 30x50x14
INA 2907 35x55x16
INA 2908 40x60x16
INA 2909 45x68x16
INA 2910 50x74x18
INA 2911 55x78x18
INA 2912 60x82x18
INA 2913 65x90x20
INA 2914 70x95x20
INA 2915 75x100x20
INA 2916 80x110x23
INA 2917 85x115x22
INA 2918 90x120x22
INA 2919 95x130x25
INA 292/1000-E1-MB 1000x1320x190
INA 292/1060-E1-MB 1060x1400x206
INA 292/1120-E1-MB 1120x1460x206
INA 292/1180-E1-MB 1180x1520x206
INA 292/500-E1-MB 500x670x103
INA 292/530-E1-MB 530x710x109
INA 292/560-E1-MB 560x750x115
INA 292/600-E1-MB 600x800x122
INA 292/630-E1-MB 630x850x132
INA 292/670-E1-MB 670x900x140
INA 292/710-E1-MB 710x950x145
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